Photos by Chris Pagano Nolan Weber and Scott Givens, HealthPoint Fitness manager, remain pumped after the dash was over.
Runners wait for the gun to sound signalling the start of the race.
Bob Markle, left, displays his blue pump trophy along with his multi-colored winning pumps. Eight-year-old Lydia Weber displays her trophy as well. More photos can be found on our Web site:
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Running in high heels, volunteers raise money for three worthy causes

by Chris Pagano Staff Reporter

The High Heel Dash made its debut Saturday from the corner of High Street and Adams to Courthouse Square. While some participants wore ordinary high heel sandals, others sported their best bling heels. Included in the variety were white, patent leather platforms, Dorothy’s Red Slippers, espadrilles and spike heeled boots! More than a dozen men, women and children ran as fast as they could in heels toward the finish line.

The proceeds raised were split between Southeast Health Foundation and two local families affected by brain cancer — the Webers and the Gards. Jackson teenager, Nolan Weber, who is still battling the disease, attended the event with family members. Brody Gard, an elementary student in Jackson, lost his life to the disease more than a year ago.

Bob Markle of Jackson, donned a pair of size 12 multi-colored pumps with super bling, to participate in the dash. He said that once he explained his need for these special shoes, Nearly Perfect Shoes showed their support and donated the pumps. Although his pumps were a little snug, they did not slow him down much.

His wife, Kate, a Jackson High School paraprofessional, shared the story of her cousin in Wisconsin who has been living with brain cancer for nine years. When she heard about the dash, she just made up her mind to go. As for her husband, she said, “As soon as I brought home the flyer, the man was willing to make a fool of himself for a good cause.”

The pair was well matched in bling. Kate’s red slippers were borrowed from a fellow teacher at school who offered to loan her the entire Dorothy of Oz costume.

The event was sponsored by Southeast Health Foundation and Southeast Sports-Care, the organization that partnered with Jackson High School for ‘Champions Against Cancer Week’ in the fall of 2011.

Gathering the community was one reason to hold the event, said Hillarie Mueller of Southeast SportsCare. “We hope it’s going to grow and grow and support families as long as we can, in their fight.”

Nolan said he didn’t run because he didn’t want to twist an ankle, but next year he may borrow Scott Given’s white platform pumps.

Nolan’s mom, Rachelle Weber, concluded the event with thanks to Southeast Health Foundation and Southeast SportsCare. She said, “I’m not sure if everyone is aware, but this is brain cancer awareness month. There is a big need for brain cancer research. You have no idea how many families are impacted by this horrible monster.”


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