Incumbents fare well in most election results

by Gregory Dullum


Only 8.57 percent of the 52,468 registered voters in Cape Girardeau County cast ballots in the April 6 municipal election.

In the Jackson city aldermen races, incumbents Katy Liley and Tommy Kimbel handily defeated their challengers.

In Ward 3, Liley received 216 votes (76.33 percent); Matthew Ellison received 66 votes (23.32 percent) and there was one write-in vote.

In Ward 4, Kimbel garnered 91 votes (63.19 percent) while Steven Lee received 49 votes (34.03 percent) and there were four write-in votes.

(Mayor Dwain Hahs and Aldermen Wanda Young (Ward 1) and David Hitt (Ward 2) were re-elected as they ran unopposed).

Incumbents on the Jackson R-2 School Board fared just as well. Kelly Waller received 1,289 votes (37.86 percent) and Sheila King received 1,267 votes (37.21 percent). Challengers Richard Murray received 426 votes (12.51 percent) and Charles Wallgren received 398 votes (11.69 percent). There were 25 write-in votes.

The incumbent on the Oak Ridge R-6 School Board did not fare as well. Voters chose challengers Andrew Sea-augh (170 votes; 39.81 percent) and Nathan Schilling (163 votes; 38.17 percent) to sit on the school board and rejected incumbent George Below, who received 94 votes (22.01 percent).

Nine candidates ran for three seats on the Board of Trustees of the Cape Girardeau County Public Health Center. The winners were incumbent Georganne Syler, 2,032 votes (16.94 percent); incumbent John Freeze, 1,729 votes (14.41 percent); and challenger Eric Becking, 1,593 votes (13.28 percent).

Only one vote separated Becking from the top losing candidate, incumbent Emily Collins, who received 1,592 votes (13.27 percent).

The other candidates received the following number of votes: Carol Meza, 1,334 votes (11.12 percent); Matthew Uchtman, 1,300 votes (10.84 percent); Nancy Johnson, 994 votes (8.29 percent); Gerry Salter, 745 votes (6.21 percent); and J. Michael Davis, 633 votes (5.28 percent).

Incumbent Diane Howard defeated challenger Cassidy Klein for a one-year unexpired term on the Board of Trustees of the Public Health Center. Howard received 2,611 votes (64.2 percent) and Klein received 1,439 votes (35.38 percent).

Other results

Paul M. Cairns (1,116 votes; 30.86 percent) and Kyle McDonald (1,035 votes; 28.62 percent) defeated three other candidates for the Cape Girardeau School Board.

Amy Swain (102 votes; 38.49 percent) and Victoria (Tori) Johnson (92 votes; 34.72 percent) were elected to the Delta R-5 School Board.

Gordonville voters rejected a request that the village’s Board of Trustees forego an election if the number of candidates equaled the number of open seats. The vote was 32 “No” to 21 “Yes.”

Allenville and Whitewater had similar requests, and voters approved their requests 6-1 in Allenville and 5-2 in Whitewater.