Jasmine Jones holds a copy of Ghosts We Become, her second book. “There is a running theme throughout the poems about memories and how the past haunts us,” she said. “It is like our memories become ghosts to us.” Submitted photo
Jasmine Jones publishes second book

by Elane Moonier

Jasmine Jones has a depth to her writing that one could easily associate with the term “old soul,” but her readers would be surprised to learn she is a young college student. In the past two years she has written and published two books containing collections of poetry that reach deeply into the readers’ emotions,  and sensitivities, deepening their thoughts and posing questions about life.

Jasmine said she began writing at a very young age, actually before she knew how to spell. Her parents would help her spell the words she needed while completing her many stories. The passion to write has always been a part of her life, and she spends time writing as often as she can, mostly short stories and poems as they come to her.

Her collections of poems often delve into deep thoughts, yet are simply worded and easy to read.

“I guess I have always been observant of things in the world and life in general,” Jasmine said. “I tend to contemplate things and try to analyze my emotions. Through my writing, I can express myself and try to understand things better."

Jasmine’s first book, titled I Don’t Want to Be a Tree Anymore, was written and self-published the summer after she graduated from Jackson High School in 2018. She was determined to complete the book over the summer break, and she did just that. In the fall, she published the book on Amazon, gaining her first publishing experience.

“The title is based on one of the poems in the book.” she noted. “It is about how trees are always changing, but they are stationary. I felt like I was a tree, changing and stationary, but I wanted to be able to move instead of changing in one place.”

Ghosts We Become is the title of her second book, and she said this collection of poetry took a lot longer to complete. She wrote the material over a two-year period and then selected what she considered to be the best of her poems for the book. “There is a running theme throughout the poems about memories and how the past haunts us. It is like our memories become ghosts to us.”

Jasmine said the poems touch on every aspect of what it means to be human, from love to trauma to healing. “These poems are a reminder to readers that personal growth can overcome any ghosts haunting our lives.”

A student at Southeast Missouri State University, Jasmine is majoring in international business with a minor in writing. She is very much interested in film and all the creative arts.

She has begun writing a novel and is excited about it. “It’s about a girl in New York City who is very observant of the world and has a lot of weird quirks.”

Jasmine said she is a multi-tasker and tends to hop between projects a lot. “I like to be doing a lot of things at once. It is hard for me to focus on one project at a time.”

You can experience Jasmine’s books of poetry by purchasing her first book at Amazon.com or at Barnes & Noble. Her second book is available exclusively at Barnes & Noble.