These students from Jackson R-2 schools made the Southeast Missouri All-District Choir last November, and performed in concert at the River Campus along with students from all over the region. Members of the JHS Women’s Choir, from left are: Caitlyn Bess, Lily Bright, Megan Bradshaw, CJ Johnson and Emily Rodman.
Members of the JHS Concert Choir are, front row from left: Abbie Fieser, Ann Strickert, Tessa McNally and Rachel Finney. Second row from left are: Taylor Dickerson, Jodi Walley, Tori Hosler, Brittany Hastings and Kylie Goodier. Third row from left are: Kara Goodier, Hannah Fisher, Ashley Bess and Barry DeCoursey. Fourth row from left are: Jonny Deneke, Christopher Bonner, Seth Tyler, Ben Rouggley and Tyler Gholson. Fifth row from left are: Taylor Quade, Chase McDaniel, Trent Dickerson and Jason Cox. Sixth row from left are: Michael Weber, Cody Sandusky, Taylor Kight and Cole Bilek. Seventh row from left are: Landon Beck, Conner Beck, Kyle Keith and Drew Hosp. Eighth row from left are: Holt Walker, Nathan Fridley, Peter Graham, Chris Poyner, Trevor Wilson and John Meyer.
These eighth and ninth graders from R.O. Hawkins Junior High School were also selected. Freshmen in the front row from left are: Evan Johnston, Veronica Spencer, Katelyn Beasley, Eva Trunzo, Kearston Collins, Beth Hickle, Cory Hogan and Luke Williams. Freshmen in the second row from left are: Tim Clasby, Kyleigh Troxel, Makenzie Hobeck, Kylee Grimwood, Ryan O’Rear, Sky Smith, Josh Nispel and Chase Bonner. Eighth graders in the third row from left are: Shannon Davis, Rachel Smith, Channie Elfrink, David Kellogg, Trevor Roberts and Zack Koeller.
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SEMO All-District Choir announced

Several members of Jackson Choirs have been selected to the SEMO All-District Choir. Several members from JHS Women's Choir, JHS Concert Choir, and Jackson Jr. High Choir are part of those selected.

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